-Architecture visualization Design & 3D Artist

-Creative supervisor -digital assist manager

-CGI instructor at well known Singapore education institution

-VR technician & Post production

-Senior animation & team leader at well known CG Architecture company in Malaysia


April 2008 《Wu Town》Spain CG 3D Architectural, Entry prize awards
May 2008《F1 speed city》China Crystal Excellent Students Work awards
 May 2008《F1 speed city》Golden dolphin international cartoon festival,      The  best visual effects for the gold medal
July 2009《F1 speed city》Shanghai SICG, The best animation works awards
April 2009《F1 speed city》China SMG human art channel, Creative world, The best animation works awards
July 2009《F1 speed city》Shanghai 3D Architectural Design Animation
April 2010 《Xi Tang》Spain CG Architectural, Award of Recognition

 May 2012《Wuyuan》Golden dolphin international cartoon festival,      The Best Commercial Animation Award for the gold medal